The name of this organization shall be Oak Grove Golf Group (GROUP), referred to herein as the “Group.”




The purpose of this organization is to stimulate interest in and promote the game of golf in Roseville, Sacramento and surrounding communities according to these by-laws and the rules of the game of golf. To this end, the dedicated goals and aims are:


1.      To promote and foster a close fraternal and social bond among its membership.

2.      To promote and preserve the true spirit of the game of golf as embodied in its ancient and honorable tradition.

3.      To enforce uniformity of established rules and regulations concerning standards of play within the Group sponsored tournaments and social activities.

4.      To operate as a non-profit organization with all revenue received being used solely for the benefit and interest of the general membership.




Membership will be open to all persons who are 18 years of age or older.


Maximum membership in the organization will be determined by the Board of Directors, referred to as the “Board.” The Secretary/Treasurer will maintain a standby list of surplus applicants. New members will be invited to join in the order which they apply as vacancies occur.


Membership in the organization runs from January1st through December 31st of the following year. Membership renewals open on November 1st of each year. The Board will establish a deadline date for membership. When the deadline date for open membership is reached, no further applications will be accepted. New members may participate in tournaments prior to January 1st on a space-available basis in order to establish handicaps, but will not be eligible to receive prize money prior to January 1st when their membership officially begins. Participation during the Membership Year is considered to be important, and at least ten (10) rounds must be played to be eligible for the Annual Championship.


The Board may disapprove any applicant by majority vote, to suspend for such period and upon such term as it may propose, or to expel and forfeit the membership of any member for conduct which in its opinion is likely to be prejudicial to the welfare, interest, reputation or character of the Group. Memberships are individual and are non-transferable. Membership in this Group affords no special privileges or voice in the operation of any golf course or course facilities.


The Board may grant honorary memberships to those individuals whom they feel warrant such consideration for outstanding services or noteworthy contributions to the game of golf. A unanimous vote by the Board shall be required to approve such action.




A new member with a current NCGA handicap will use the NCGA handicap until a Group handicap is established. After the first three rounds of (medal) play with the Group, the Group handicap will be used in lieu of the NCGA handicap. A new member without a handicap may not compete for net awards until their Oak Grove handicap is established.




An initiation fee will be charged to all new members. The amount of this fee, as well as the annual dues, will be determined by the Board. The amount of this fee will be reviewed by the Board annually and may be changed as necessary to keep the Group solvent.


Annual dues shall be due and payable after November 1st of the ending calendar year and are delinquent after November 30th. After November 30th, all members not paid will be deleted and classified as new members, requiring full payment, including initiation fee to reactivate their membership. In addition to the annual Group dues, each member may pay the dues required by the Northern California Golf Association (NCGA). Membership in NCGA is optional, and is not required for membership in GROUP.


Past Presidents of the Group shall receive a lifetime honorary Group membership. Past Presidents will be required to pay NCGA dues.


Any member who is delinquent in dues or who owes any obligation to the Group is ineligible to play in Group tournaments or enjoy any Group privileges.




The powers of this Group shall be vested in a Board of Directors consisting of eight (8) positions as follows:


1.      Seven (7) elected officials:

a.       President

b.      Vice-President

c.       Secretary/Treasurer

d.      Handicap Chairman

e.       Assistant to the Handicap Chairman

f.       Webmaster

g.      Assistant to the Webmaster


2.      One (1) additional Director will be included consisting of either the out-going President or a Member at Large.




Elections will be held during the regularly scheduled general meeting during the month of November, with the duly elected officials taking office effective January 1st.


At least five weeks prior to the annual general membership meeting, the current President shall select a nominating committee consisting of three individuals who are members of the Board. At least two weeks prior to the annual meeting, the committee shall submit to the Board, and post on the Group bulletin board, a list of nominees to be offered for election for the following year. Additional nominees will be solicited from the floor during the annual meeting.


The tenure for all board members will be for a period of one year.


In case of a vacancy occurring during the tenure of any office, the remaining Directors may, by a majority vote, appoint a successor to hold the vacated office position for the remainder of the term.





a.       Conduct, manage and control the affairs and business of the Group, in conformity of these By-laws, to benefit the majority of members.

b.      Control the expenditure of funds. The Board shall approve the expenditure of all funds in excess of fifty dollars ($50.00) for any single outlay. Funds under this amount may be disbursed by the Secretary with the approval of the President.

c.       The Board will hold meetings as frequently as required to manage the Group’s activities.

d.      The President may schedule meetings as he feels Group business warrants. In addition, if any two Directors request that a meeting be held, the President will schedule a meeting of the Board. A quorum for the Board meeting will consist of at least five (5) members.




2.      PRESIDENT:


a.       Exercise general supervision of the business and affairs of the Group.

b.      Preside over all meetings of the general membership and the Board.

c.       Call all meetings as required.

d.      Make appointments and assign all duties including committees as required.

e.       Sign all official correspondence in the name of the Group and that which is beyond the scope of the Secretary.

f.       Co-Sign, as President, checks issued by the Treasurer of the group.

g.      Report the business of the group to the membership at regularly scheduled open meetings. These reports shall include, but are not limited to, an audit of the financial status of the Group. The audit shall be conducted by a committee of two of the Board (other than the Treasurer) appointed by the President and shall be conducted four (4) weeks prior to the annual meeting held in October. The results will be submitted to the President at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting.

h.      Will be the primary Tournament Director for the Group, with duties as described in Article XI of these By-Laws.



a.       Assume the chair and duties of the President during his absence. Acts as Publicity Officer for the Group and provide publicity as appropriate.

b.      Is the primary backup Tournament Director.






a.       Establishes tournament handicaps in accordance with procedures established by the Board.

b.      Maintains handicap records and review computer printouts to see that computer errors are corrected.

c.       Settles handicap disputes.





a.       In the case of the absence of both the President and Vice-President, the Secretary/Treasurer will act as President.



b.      Keep a full and complete record of the meetings of the Group. If the Secretary is not present at the meeting, the presiding officer shall appoint a Secretary Pro Tem to perform the duties in the Secretary’s absence.

c.       Prepare and mail such correspondence as is necessary under these by-laws and as might be required by the Group.

d.      Maintain a listing of the names, addresses, phone numbers and membership numbers of the Group. Notify the Handicap and Tournament Chairmen of new Group members.

e.       Negotiate all schedules, contracts and start times with golf courses.



a.       Receive and keep safe all monies of the Group and deposit same promptly in the name of the Group in such bank(s) as the Board may designate.

b.      Countersign checks issued with one other authorized signature, at the same time assuring that all expenditures are made by club check or club credit card only.

c.       Keep a full and accurate account of the receipts and disbursements by the Group and render to the President and the members of the Board a full and accurate accounting of the expenditures and financial status of the Group at such times the President and members of the board may require.



a.       Is the tertiary backup Tournament Director.




6.      WEBMASTER:

a.       Perform weekly updates to the sign-up form, removing the old dates and adding the new sign-up dates.

b.      Add the latest tournament results page to the drop down list.

c.       Modify the tournament sign-up sheet to display the current sign-ups for the next three weeks.

d.      Add any pop ups that may be needed by the membership to remind members of any upcoming action needed.

e.       Keep the website cleaned up and remove any old data or information as needed.

f.       Make changes to the website as needed or suggested by the Officers of the Group.




Due to the extraordinary time and effort required of the Tournament Chairman, Secretary/Treasurer, Handicap Chairman and the Website Manager, these four (4) officials will be compensated by the Group. Compensation will be in the form of these officials being exempt from paying into the prize money fund for tournaments where they act in these capacities. The exemption does not apply for special tournaments such as the annual Championship Tournament. Additionally, the acting Tournament Director will be compensated green fees for each tournament. In cases where the green fees are bundled with the cart, the club will compensate accordingly.




Any Officer or Director of the Group may be recalled for cause by the membership at a special meeting called by the President for this purpose following the giving of ten (10) days notice to all members. This notice will be given by the President in form of a “special” meeting notice posted on the Group bulletin board. The agenda will not be stated.


No Officer or Director shall be removed from office unless good and sufficient cause is reflected by affirmative vote of not less than three fourths of the members present at the special meeting.




The Chairman of the following standing committees and others as required shall be appointed by the President and shall serve during his tenure:


  1. MEMBERSHIP: Provide application for membership and devise ways and means to keep the membership at a maximum as outlined in ARTICLE III.


  1. ENTERTAINMENT: Provide and arrange for such entertainment as desired by the membership.


  1. BY-LAWS: Assure that the by-laws are up to date as approved by the membership.



a.       Responsible for the overall conduct of the tournaments.

b.      Publish the annual tournament schedule and conduct final liaison with appropriate golf courses.

c.       Conduct all sign-ups for tournaments.

d.      Establish pairings as required and otherwise officiate the entire tournament.

e.       Collect and disburse the accurate accounting of tournament funds.

f.       Tournament bookkeeper and tournament record custodian.

g.      The Group President shall hold this responsibility and be backed up by the Vice-President and tertiarily by the Secretary/Treasurer.


  1. RULES: The Rules Chairman will be appointed by the President, and shall be responsible for:

a.       Local rules, decisions and keeping abreast of rule changes.

b.      Acting as judge on rule violation complaints.

c.       If the judgment of the Rules Chairman is disputed, the dispute shall be decided by the Board.




There will be a regular meeting of the Group during the month of November at such specific date, place and time as may be designated by the President.


The meeting held in November is designated as the “Annual Meeting” during which time;

a.       The general election will be held,  

b.      Annual status reports will be rendered

c.       Membership renewals will be submitted

d.      Open forum for members to discuss ideas related to club operations


Special meetings of the Group may be called by the President at any time and the President must call a special meeting of the Group upon written request of two (2) or more members of the Board.


The Secretary shall notify the members of the Group at least ten (10) days in advance of the meeting, specifying the time, place and purpose of the meeting, except as noted in ARTICLE IX above. A notice on the Group bulletin board will be considered sufficient notice.


A quorum for the conduct of Group business will consist of those members present at the meeting.




Proxy votes will not be allowed.




1.      The Championship shall be a 36-hole tournament held over three (3) weeks. Members must play any two of the three weeks to establish their tournament score. If they play all three weeks their best two rounds shall count.


2.      A onetime entry fee of $15.00 will be charged to enter the championship tournament.


3.      The competition will be held with four (4) flights, handicaps as follow:

a.       1st flight – Lowest quartile of eligible Group Members, by index.

b.      2nd flight – Second quartile of eligible Group Members, by index.

c.       3rd flight – Third quartile of eligible Group Members, by index.

d.      4th flight – Fourth quartile of eligible Group Members, by index.


4.      Championship flight handicaps will be established as of the last tournament before the three weeks of championship competition.


5.      There shall be one low gross prize awarded for the tournament.


6.      The overall Club Champion shall be determined by the lowest net score for the competition.




These by-laws may be altered, amended and/or repealed, or new by-laws formulated by the Board at any meeting called for that purpose. However, such action shall not be effective until approved by a majority vote of the general membership of the Group at a meeting held in accordance with the provisions contained herein.


If items arise which the Board considers to be of vital interest to the Group, but which are not covered in the by-laws, the Board is empowered to act on those items pending a report to the membership as to the action taken.


If the Board deems it necessary, a change to the By-Laws may be sent by e-mail to the Group Members for a vote.  Members without e-mail access will be given a hand ballot for the vote.  Proposal will pass if a majority of all Group Members vote affirmatively.  The Group President will maintain written record of the voting results and present it to the Board of Directors for validation.