Revised January, 2018



Tournament Director Guide



Following is the guidance for the Tournament Director for the Oak Grove Golf Group:


  1. Sign-ups:


Our website contains a sign-up list for the next two weeks of scheduled play. The sign-up sheet for the coming week of play will available on the website through the Monday preceding the tournament (on Wednesday). Players not making the sign-up list are responsible for calling the scheduled Tournament Director for that week indicating their desire to play. Every effort will be made to accommodate call-in sign-ups. Sign-ups are also taken when players sign in for the current week’s tournament, indicating they want to play the following week. In addition a member may use the tab “note to Tournament Director” to indicate special requests or changes to what may have been requested.


  1. Tournament Roster:


From the list compiled as in 1 above, the tournament Director will make up a roster for the following week’s tournament. Members may sign up singly, or as a group of two, three or four players. When Members sign up with a group, the integrity of that group must be maintained. Players signing up with less than a foursome will be filled in with other Members who sign up singly. The roster of tee times for the following week will be posted on the Group website by Thursday morning. Also included on the roster will be the name and telephone number of the Tournament Director, the course and color tees being played, and the amount to be collected by the Tournament Director the day of play. The file is roster.pdf. If the tournament is to be played away from Diamond Oaks, a copy of the sheet will be faxed to the pro shop of the course being played. If the tournament is to be played at Diamond Oaks, turn in a copy of the roster with the results sheet as described in paragraph 7.


  1. Tournament Fees:


$5 shall be collected from each Member player for the tournament. Players exempt from this fee are the Tournament Director, Group Treasurer, Handicap Chairman and the Webmaster (except for the Annual Championship). The fees collected shall be pooled and used for the tournament prizes. The green fees for the Tournament Director will be paid from this pool, as well as the Tournament Director’s cart fee if the Green and cart fees are bundled by the course being played. To the extent possible, these funds will be exhausted from each tournament as prescribed in paragraph 5 of these operating procedure

  1. Score Sheet:


After the tournament play, collect all scorecards and adjust the gross scores as necessary according to USGA rules. Fill out the Adjusted Gross Score sheet and send a copy to the Handicap Chairman and his back-up as soon as possible so he can post scores and issue a revised handicap sheet for the next week’s tournament. A copy of the Adjusted Gross Score sheet shall be printed and kept by the Tournament Director. The Handicap Chairman will be responsible for posting the revised handicaps to the Group’s website as well as maintaining an AGS file for the current member year.


  1. Tournament Awards:


Low Gross –. Competing for Low Gross is optional. When a player chooses to compete for a Low Gross award he must pay an additional $5 to the Tournament Director and indicate his intention. Low Gross awards will be paid out: First is $10, second place is $9, third place is $8, and fourth place is $7 and fifth place $6. Additional prizes of $5 will be given to succeeding low gross players until the collections for that tournament are exhausted.


Net Prizes – Everyone competes for Low Net awards. First through fifth place awards shall be given for low net scores. First place is $10, second place is $9, third place is $8, fourth place is $7 and fifth place is $6. Additional net prizes of $5 will be given to succeeding low net players until the collections for that tournament are exhausted.


Players competing for Low Gross may also win the Low Net competitions as they have paid into each.


  1. Closest to the Pin Awards:


The Tournament Director will pick one (par 3) hole on the first nine and one (par 3) on the back nine for the “close to the pin” competitions. There will be two awards for each of the two holes. First place for each hole is awarded $6, second $5.


  1. Posting Results:


Results, as listed in 5 and 6 above, should be posted on the Group website the night of the tournament. The file is results.pdf


Additional copies shall be made. One kept by the Tournament Director, one posted on the club bulletin board and one included with the money to cover all prizes given to Diamond Oaks pro shop. They will post the appropriate amounts to each Group Member.






  1. Tie-Breakers:

In the event of ties for low gross, the low gross score on the front nine will win. If there is a front-nine tie, it will be broken by a hole-by-hole comparison beginning on the first hole.


In the event of a tie for low net, the low net score on the front nine will win. If there is still a tie, it will be broken by a hole-by-hole comparison of net scores beginning on the first hole.


For the annual Championship tournament, a tie will be broken by using the above procedures for the first 18-holes counted.


  1. Annual Championships:


The Group Championship Tournament will be conducted as outlined in the Group By-Laws, ARTICLE XIV, Awards will be as follows:


Each of the four flights will have three places awarded. First place is $50, second place $35 and third place $20. There will be one $100 prize for low net score, who will be the Club Champion.  Additionally, there shall be one $100 prize for low gross score, who will be the Tournament Champion. The Club and Tournament Champions may not receive any additional awards for the Championship tournament. Additionally, there will be awards for closest to the pin as outlined in #6 for each of the three weeks play.


Oak Grove Golf Group Guidelines for weekly play


Our Group takes it’s guidance from the USGA rules and regulations for competition and etiquette.

We have a few Standing requests and a few “local rules” for member compliance when participating in our tournaments.



The USGA rules for “Acceptable forms of Gambling” (acceptable for Armature status) State:

“Informal gambling or wagering is acceptable provided the primary purpose is the playing of the game for enjoyment, not for financial gain.

“… features that would be consistent with such gambling or wagering include:”

·         The players in general know each other

·         Participation in the gambling or wagering is optional and limited to the players

·         The sole source of all money won by the players is advanced by the players; and

·         The amount of money is not generally considered to be excessive.



·         All players should conduct themselves in a disciplined manner, demonstrating courtesy and sportsmanship.

·         Maintain consideration for other players and do not disturb their play by moving, talking, or making unnecessary noises.

·         Players should ensure that thier electronic devices do not distract other players.

·         Pace of play. Players should keep up a good pace of play, keeping up with the group ahead.

·         Be ready to play. Players should be ready to play (and putt) as soon as it is their turn.


Requested procedures for club members for weekly play:

·         Use our website to sign up for each week’s tournaments. Sign up as early as possible.

·         Follow the guidelines for signing in and contacting the Tournament director.

·         Show up to the course at least half an hour prior to your tee time for check in.

·         Always check in with the Tournament Director to pay your tournament fees and get any updates for the day.

·         Warm up, meet with the others in your group, be on the tee ready to play at your starting time.

·         Turn in your score card promptly at the end of the game.


“Local Rules” used by the Oak Grove Golf Group:

·         A drive off the tee that goes out of bounds requires a second drive from the tee box / 3rd shot.

·         A lost ball (out of bounds or in a hazard) which was hit from the fairway is played from the best spot of where it was thought to be lost with a one stroke penalty. We do this to save the time from having to go back to where the ball was hit.

·         “Winter Rules” are in effect (all year on every course) regarding “clean and place” your ball. A player may pick up, clean and then place the ball within 6 inches of where it was found.

·         All putts must be holed out. All strokes counted! No exceptions. We are playing “tournaments” and awarding prizes.


Oak Grove Golf Group Operating Procedures



Following are Operating Procedures for the Oak Grove Golf Group:

1.      Web Site:

a.       Annual meeting minutes and board meeting minutes shall be drafted by the Secretary and submitted to the President for approval. The Secretary shall post a list of current officers and board members to the OGGG web site, current membership tab, closely following the Annual meeting.

b.      Meeting minutes shall be retained for 30 days after being posted on the website. Any changes to the By-Laws and/or Operating Procedures adopted by the board during these meetings shall be drafted by the Secretary, submitted to the President for review, and then posted to the website.

c.       After the review and approval process, any changes or additions to the By-Laws or Operating Procedures shall be incorporated into the proper documents by the President.