Oak Grove Golf Group


October 13, 2016


Minutes of a Board meeting.


The meeting was held in the Legends Banquet room at the Woodcreek Golf Course.  Those in attendance were President Rich Reeder, Vice President Abe Rivera, Web Master Roger Duncan, Handicap Chairman, Don Phillips, and Secretary/Treasurer Jay Case.


Rich Reeder called a brief meeting to discuss the following:


1.     Annual meeting/election of officers

President Rich Reeder selected the following 3 board members to the nominating committee: Jay Case, Abe Rivera, Don Phillips.  A list of nominees will be presented to the President no later than October 26, 2016.


2.     Annual Status/Audit Reports

President Rich Reeder appointed Don Phillips and Dan Calcagno to conduct the audit of the club’s finances.   The financial records will be turned over to the audit committee no later than October 19, 2016.


3.     Proposed changes in the by-laws – Article IV – Group Handicap


If the new member has no established handicap he may pay $5 and compete for Low Gross awards (handicap not required) or pay $1 and compete for close to the pin awards.  A new member without a handicap may not compete for net awards until an Oak Grove handicap is established.  This proposed change was approved by the board members in attendance.


The President proposed adding language to clarify the championship tournament qualifications.  Article XIV – Annual Championship Tournament


To be eligible a new member must have played a minimum of 10 rounds of medal play with the club.  Scrambles and Match Play tournament do not count as qualifying rounds.   This proposed addition was approved by the board members in attendance.





4.     Proposed change of the payouts for the Annual Championships.  It has been noted that the fees collected for the Championship does not pay for itself as the payouts are currently structured.  The following is the proposed change.  Reduce the number of people receiving awards from 14 to 12 by not taking the Club and Tournament champions out of their brackets.  Count them in their brackets so as to have a total of three winners in four brackets or 12 winners.  Pay the Tournament and Club Champions an extra $50 each so they will receive $100 total.  (The net effect will be a savings of $100 for the Championships and incomes will be very close to expenses and only three payouts (winners) per bracket).  This proposed addition was approved by the board members in attendance.


The Board meeting was concluded.




Respectfully submitted by Jay Case, Secretary/Treasurer