Oak Grove Golf Group will always use the local rules on the score card of the course being played.  Additionally, the following local rules are in effect:

1. At our home course, Diamond Oaks, the drop area for the 10th hole will be the grass ( no tee ) just in front of the Ladies Tee. After having entered the water hazard on the Tee shot, the player has two options. Hit from the drop area,  or as allowed by USGA rule, hit from the regular Tee box. Either case incurs a one stroke penalty.


2. At any of the Oak Grove tournament sites, a lost ball may be played from the spot where it was lost, under penalty of one stroke, The player does mot have to return to the original point from which the shot was made. This rule is not intended for use in cases where a Tee shot is likely to be Out-of –Bounds. In that case the correct course of action will be to play a provisional ball.


3. Winter/Summer Rules- The Tournament Chairman will have the prerogative to declare winter or summer rules for a given tournament. If not specifically stated otherwise, winter rule will be used. If winter rules are in effect you may lift, clean, and place within six inches (in any direction ) from where the ball originally came to rest. If the ball comes to rest in a hazard it must be played as it lies.




1. There is no longer relief from tree wells.

2. A ball in the concrete drainage ditch adjacent to hole 17 shall be played as a lateral water hazard, as it is now marked.

3. There is no free relief from the fence behind the 18th green.

4. There will be no conceded putts.