Oak Grove Golf Group

July 28th, 2016

Minutes of the 2016 Oak Grove Golf Group Summer Meeting


1.      The meeting was held in the Legends Banquet room at the Woodcreek golf course, 25 people attended.

2.      Richard Reeder called the meeting to order saying that this “extra” meeting was called for three reasons: One, he wanted to explain the events of the past seven months in particular the resignations of two Board Members. Two, to give the membership the opportunity to be involved in some of the decision making going forward. Three, to set the stage for this Fall with our Championship, the Fall Meeting including our Membership renewals & the annual calendar.

3.      The first order of business was the discussion of the resignations of Paul Redeagle as Vice President and Dave Whitman as the handicap Chairman. That was followed by introducing their replacements Abe Rivera as Vice President and Don Phillips as the Handicap Chairman.

4.      The second order of business was the discussion of the changes requested by the president and approved by the Board of Directors in the April Board Meeting.

·        Change of fiscal year from December 1st (to November 30th) to January 1st (through December 31st). This was approved.

·        Move the date of the Annual meeting to first week of November so as to include the Membership renewal process at the meeting. This was approved.

·        Always pay two places for Close to the Pin regardless of the number of players in the tournament. This was approved.

·        Cancel the Turkey Shoot and replace it with a second Match Play tournament. This was approved.

5.      The Third order of business was completion and collection of the “Golf course evaluation” forms. The golf courses we play were rated by the membership with suggestions for next year.

6.      The next order of business was a discussion of the rules of the game and the discrepancies of their application by our members… Basically, “out of bounds (from anywhere) requires that you hit a provisional - and when we “clean and place” the ball - it has to stay in the same cut of grass and no nearer the hole. The result of this conversation will be an update posted to the website rules section clarifying the correct applications of these rules.

7.      A discussion was held regarding should we cancel our tournaments for extreme heat (like we do for rain). The consensus was to do so as long as the golf course would agree and not charge us (per contract) for the reserved tee times. This will most likely need to be negotiated when new contracts are signed going forward. Earlier starts and more “shotguns” were recommended for the summer months.

8.      Last item of business was to amend the Low Gross – Low Net payout format we now use. No one wanted to address it either way and it was left as is.

9.      Rich Reeder closed the meeting after a brief request for the members to remain flexible with their scheduling and to always contact him if they are going to cancel and not play.


Submitted by Jay Case, OGGG Secretary/Treasurer